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Olamide Oladunjoye

Olamide Oladunjoye [she/her]

Board Management Advisor

After graduating from Staffordshire University with a BA (hons) Marketing Management Degree in 2014, Ola began her career in Operations and has been lucky to work within different industries. At the beginning of her Career, Ola got her start in Operations at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Before stepping into the world of Consulting at New Street Consulting Group, she went into Retail Operations at Worldstores now known as Dunelm, Acquisition Operations at SThree, Real Estate Analytics at CBRE and a brief Project Management stint at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Ola’s love for data has been growing along with her career and she finds herself using data to make important decisions within her personal life. Therefore, her new role as a Senior Sales Operations Specialist at Alteryx is the right/best move.

From a very young age Ola has been very passionate about helping others and this has been very apparent within her career and personal life. She uses her passion alongside her expertise in Operations to sit on the board at HERSANA as the board Secretary, a position she holds dearly. 

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