HERSANA. (formerly known as The ASKFirst Campaign) was founded in 2016 by survivor, black feminist and activist, Christabel Yeboah, to raise awareness around rape culture and advocate for survivors of sexual violence. The project reached out thousands of people in England, Germany and Ghana.

Four years later... our journey has been a reel adorned with memories, realities and endless opportunities; the reality of that is there are many black women and girls who will not have the opportunity or the chances to access safe spaces designed by them, for them and with them in mind. Here at HERSANA. we want to bridge the gap and be a catalyst for change.

With that in mind, we would like to re-introduce ourselves: 

HERSANA. is a not-for-profit organisation working to end violence against women and girls in all its forms. We aim to tackle the myths, misunderstandings and problematic perspectives on gendered violence, sexual consent and feminism. We want to create a healthy and positive understanding of sex. We want to empower (young) people to better understand their own boundaries and to respect those of others. And we want to educate students about consent and healthy relationships in all, and every, form. Whilst creating room for education, we aim to provide holistic support to black women who have experienced any form of gendered violence, at any stage of their lives by providing counselling, advocacy, emotional and practical support. 


It was hard for us to even construct our 'About Us'  piece; until we realised that HERSANA. is about HER. Black women have been the voice of the ages; even during times when others have deemed our sound elusive. There are very few spaces where Black women can come together (less than 1 in 15) and focus on the specific needs of other Black women and girls who have experienced gendered violence without being questioned, attacked and made invisible by mainstream organisations. This space has been created in response to oppression. Black spaces are vital for Black survival, resistance and healing. 

We matter! We are always a priority and our feelings are valid! We are not our experiences, we are not our trauma, we are not the stereotypes the world undermines us with. We are what we say we are. We are, black women and in all honesty; there is no other living entity in the universe stronger.

At heart, we are a network of unapologetic Black feminists creating safe spaces for Black women and with Black women in mind. We believe that there will come a day where no one ever has to feel violated again. We thank you for your support and ongoing fight for justice in today's world.



Meet the amazing organisations who have supported us and are at the heart of this great NPO. We are delighted to have a dynamic range of innovative and supportive companies sponsor HERSANA. Our sponsors make it possible for us to bring each and every client the best and most helpful content. We have come together from various backgrounds in order to create a safe and supportive space and journey for HER. 


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