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From day one, volunteers have been at the heart of HERSANA. This is as true today as 6 years ago.

We simply could not reach as many femmes and make such a difference without their amazing support. Each and every volunteer is valuable and together they enable us to change the lives of those in need. By volunteering with HERSANA you become part of this history and join a unique network of staff and volunteers delivering help to Black femme survivors whenever they need it.

Why get involved?

There are many reasons to volunteer and spend your time helping others.

Everyone will have their own reasons to get involved. For some it will be about giving back to their community, others might want to share or develop their skills, and some people may wish to connect and meet new people.

Volunteering can give you a renewed sense of purpose, new friendships and a new outlook on life. Studies have even shown that volunteers are generally happier and healthier than their non-volunteering peers.

No matter what your motivation or background everyone has something to offer HERSANA.

How will we support you?

HERSANA invest in volunteers including providing training and induction to prepare you for your role.

This will be either face to face, online or both. You will have access to an online library of e-learning modules to allow you to continue developing your skills and knowledge throughout your time with HERSANA.

Once in your role, HERSANA offers guidance and support, both from fellow volunteers and employee’s, there is always someone who can answer a question or give some advice.

We're a small but mighty team of passionate people who want to end violence against women and girls for good. It's a huge and often tiring task, so we put self-care and wellbeing at the centre of our work to ensure that we're in the best place possible to take on the challenge.

Interested in joining the HERSANA team? See our current volunteering opportunities and further info below.

Roles available

Our current opportunities are listed below. 

Our Digital Marketing Volunteer is for creative and enthusiastic individuals who are interested in content curation, social media management and other media related tasks. As a volunteer in this role, you will support our media team with research on the subjects we deliver on, develop content, and advise on strategic approaches to get our message out there.

Find out more about this role

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to raise awareness of our work and the impacts of all forms of abuse and violence. You will be highly organised, self-motivated, and passionate about ending gender-based violence and creating safe spaces for survivors.

Find out more about this role

As a volunteer in this role, you will lead the daily operation of the live chat, listen, and provide information of our services and those from other organisations. You will be required to keep a database of issues, concerns, and other relevant information from your engagements to support the improvement of HERSANA’s training, advocacy, outreach and engagement services.

Find out more about this role

The volunteer translators will be responsible for translating HERSANA’s resources and information to reach Black femmes faced with language limitations. They will equally support clients at appointments where translation is necessary. The volunteers will offer strategic recommendations to bridge language barriers and inform strategic engagement with special and minority groups.

Find out more about this role

If none of the aforementioned roles apply to you, that is okay; we understand that volunteering is a vast endeavour that cannot be exhausted. You are still welcome to volunteer with us if your abilities and interests go beyond the tasks indicated and contribute to our services and support for Black femmes.

In your application, specify your skills, interests, and what volunteering with us looks like for you.

Start curating your role with us


We offer a wide range of benefits which can be viewed below

Learning & Development

A key part of our People Strategy is to continue to develop and enhance the learning experience during your time at HERSANA, and we are proud to offer many learning opportunities. We'll contribute towards books, training courses and conferences that help you learn and grow in your role here.

Clinical Supervision

To protect and preserve the wellbeing of our team, all staff and volunteers are provided with regular clinical supervision sessions with an appropriately trained and accredited therapist, who works outside of the line management structure.

Flexible Working

We will always consider requests for flexible working on hiring. For most volunteer roles, the following types of flexibility are usually possible:

  • flexible hours
  • an element of working from home
  • compressed hours

Please talk to us at interview about the flexibility you need. We can’t promise to give you exactly what you want, but we do promise not to judge you for asking.


We'll contribute towards the things that help you be the best you.

We also recognise that there are times when a day off is needed. This may be to support your mental health, because you’ve got your period or to care for a family member or pet. All staff and volunteers are entitled to ‘Time Out’ moments. 

Expenses and Equipment

We cover expenses incurred in the delivery of your tasks and provide the required equipment to support your work with us. This will be discussed and facilitated during induction for the individual roles.

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We welcome all volunteers. It will depend on the role you are undertaking and your circumstances, but it is not a barrier to joining our team. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.


Although some of our roles do have an age restriction, we still welcome younger volunteers and family groups. If no role suits you, then you can still support HERSANA in other ways.

This should not restrict your volunteering with us but let your benefits adviser know you're volunteering.

We have current volunteers who have also received our services. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further if you wish.


Depending on your role it can take anything from a few weeks to a couple of months before you are fully active in your role. We value everyone who is interested in volunteering and will always keep you informed about your progress.

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