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Holistic Therapy

Our Therapy Service provides a safe and non-judgmental space for Black femme survivors living, studying or working in England and Wales to explore and understand their experiences and the impact they've had on them, as well as receive therapeutic support around this.

Our team of specialist practitioners provide telephone, confidential online and face to face support to women and girls who are victims and survivors of any type of gendered abuse, either recently or in the past.


Counselling is a type of talking therapy which can help survivors gain a clearer understanding of themselves and their experiences.

We offer 1-to-1 counselling sessions to femmes, creating a safe space for them to explore the impact of violence on their lives. Experienced counsellors work with women and girls to help them recover from the long term impact of emotional and physical abuse.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy takes place in a safe group setting with other survivors.

We run a variety of holistic therapies including groups, well-being classes and 1-to-1 body therapies to help survivors’ recovery from trauma.

Our group work includes: Trauma Informed Yoga, Creative Art Therapy Group, Psychoeducational Group, Monthly Women’s Group.

Emotional Support Sessions

Emotional Support Sessions provide a safe space to talk, listen and be heard.

Our emotional support sessions provide some first steps on the road to recovery from violence and abuse. The short-term sessions give femmes the opportunity to share experiences and information, explore and understand the impact of the abuse they have experienced, and receive the support to regain power and make wholistic choices.

Our Therapy Service is delivered by our fully accredited team of Black self-identified femme therapists and counsellors.

We offer our long and short-term therapy sessions either online via a secure video platform or in-person at one of our SANA hub spaces.

We are committed to making this service accessible for people with disabilities, special educational needs and other additional needs. If the service user has any access or communications needs, please get in touch so that we can seek to accommodate them.

The number of sessions we can offer will be decided between the service user and the therapy coordinator, according to the service users goals, needs and circumstances, as well as the current capacity of our service.

GPs, social workers, mental health workers or other professionals can refer clients for services through our online referral form.

If a survivor would like to refer themselves for therapy at HERSANA, they can do this through our online self-referral form or by phoning us on 0333 016 9610.

All of our services are FREE.

We will contact the survivor to arrange an assessment with one of our therapists. This assessment is an opportunity for them to ask questions and share what has brought them to counselling or therapy, and for us to get relevant information. After this assessment process is completed a joint decision will be made about moving forward with counselling or therapy.

For more information please contact our Therapy Coordinator on or call us on 0333 016 9610.

Professionals referral

GPs, social workers, mental health workers or other professionals can refer clients for services through our online referral form.

Our services

All of our services and projects aim to empower, support and educate. We work tirelessly to end violence against women and girls in all its forms – and with that in mind, we have designed a range of services that truly reflects our core values.

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