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HERSANA provides accredited and tailored training and seminars to a wide range of statutory and non-statutory organisations as well as workshops to young people, survivors and community groups.

As a leading expert on violence against women and girls and the experiences of Black women and girls affected by or at risk of gender-based violence, we deliver culturally competent training packages which have been developed in consultation with survivors.

Our training courses use a Black feminist intersectional lens to demonstrate the multidimensionality and intricacies of Black femme survivors’ experiences.

We offer tailored specialist training packages in all aspects of gender-based violence, ranging from one hour awareness sessions to half or full-day training sessions.

All courses are certificated and can count towards professionals continued professional development (CPD).

We can deliver our training in-house for your organisation or as part of a local authority multi-agency safeguarding training programme, either delivering one of our popular courses or developing and delivering a bespoke course to meet your needs.

Our Training Packages

Our training packages are designed for anyone who may come in contact with women and girls affected or at risk of experiencing any form of gender-based violence.

Our training is particularly important for frontline workers, service providers and police officers, to better understand the various cultural nuances and barriers associated with being a Black femme survivor seeking justice, advocacy and support.

Standard training sessions

are our training courses we offer regularly. These are closed sessions, delivered to your team only

Open training sessions

are run quarterly and are open to all individuals

Bespoke training sessions

are catered to your organisation’s specific training needs. Topics and specific subject areas can be chosen by you


are designed to be delivered to schools, universities and community groups

Training events

What is the purpose of our training packages?

  • To get a better understanding about the different forms of violence against women and girls [femmes].

  • To improve your knowledge on laws, legislations, safeguarding and reporting duties when working with survivors of gender-based violence.

  • To get a better understanding on the physical, emotional and psychological impact gender-based violence has on survivors.

  • To understand the importance of cultural competency, cultural sensitivity and unbiased use of language when engaging with Black femme survivors of gender-based violence or those who are at risk.
  • To gain knowledge about misogynoir and the unique forms of discrimination Black femmes face.

  • To know how to signpost and refer to other (specialist) organisations and agencies.

  • To understand the experiences and barriers of Black femme survivors when engaging with support services.

  • To better understand the importance of taking an intersectional and empowering approach when working with survivors


Healthcare professionals

Legal and court staff

Police officers

People working in the prison service

People working in the voluntary sector

Social workers

Benefit, welfare and housing staff

Youth workers

Education staff

Therapists and counsellors

Parents and carers


We currently offer both face-to-face and virtual sessions, which are delivered on Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

All of our training packages, workshops and consultancy offers can be booked online via our booking page. For enquiries about a bespoke training session, please email

To find out more about our school workshop packages, please email to request a schools workshops brochure.

As specialists in violence against women and girls and the women’s rights space, we offer consultancy to organisations that want to learn about any form of gender-based violence and the ways they can join the mission to keep our physical and digital spaces safe for Black femmes.

To discuss your school’s or organisation’s particular consultancy needs, please email

We are continuously working to develop our training offer. If there is an aspect of gender-based violence and abuse that you are interested in receiving training on, that does not appear to be covered by our current courses, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

The following courses are still in development:

Advocacy for Black femme survivors

IDVA Course: Advocating for Black femmes

Online safety for Black femmes affected by or at risk of digital abuse

Economic abuse training

Spiritual abuse and witchcraft training

Sexual abuse and the myths

Criminal justice training

Survivor Workshops / Seminars

Self-advocacy for survivors

Learning about self-care after experiencing trauma

Housing support and rights training

Our services

All of our services and projects aim to empower, support and educate. We work tirelessly to end violence against women and girls in all its forms – and with that in mind, we have designed a range of services that truly reflects our core values.

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